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Insolence and Innovation:

Motivating a New Generation

Team leaders often find them to be unwieldy and irreverent in ways unmatched by any generation that has come before. We'll help you understand their mind-set and values. If properly motivated and challenged, they may just be the most productive employees you'll ever have.

Teamwork, Leadership, and the

Currency of the Truth

It was over a decade a go in the movie, A Few Good Men when Tom Cruise told Jack Nicholson he wanted the truth. You remember Nicholson's answer to this day. Can you and your company handle the truth? It's the key to great leadership and teamwork. 

Anyone who has ever worked in an organization understands the frustration caused by office politics and dysfunctional teams.

Unfortunately, there has never been a full understanding of the underlying reasons for these problems, and certainly no hope for a cure- until now. 

Pat Richie takes this incredible model developed by our strategic partner Pat Lencioni in his run-away best-seller, The Five Dysfucntions of a Team, and brings it to life with behind-the-scenes stories from sports and business. He identifies the five root causes for team dysfunction and provides solutions to help make any team successful. 

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

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